Vaital Launches AI-Powered Remote Testing Solution: Vaital Vision

Vaital Launches AI-Powered Remote Testing Solution

Former Microsoft and Pearson executives announce Vaital Vision, a computer vision platform built to transform online proctored examinations at scale

21 March 2022 – BELLEVUE, WA – Vaital, a global software and AI innovation firm, today announced the availability of Vaital Vision™, an AI-powered engine for online proctored tests.

Born in the cloud, Vaital Vision was purpose-built to protect test integrity and reduce costs for exam delivery providers and sponsors – removing current barriers to skills validation.

Vaital Vision is designed for online exams in markets including IT certification, regulatory, education, health care and professional licensure. The product is patent-pending in the US and internationally and is available via license and/or as part of a custom-developed application.

“Demand for online credentialing is growing exponentially,” said David Yunger, CEO of Vaital. “However, security vulnerabilities, fear of the unknown, and escalating costs have obstructed test sponsors and delivery providers from realizing the economies of scale afforded by the cloud and AI – until today.”

Vaital Vision is customizable based on the specific rules of each exam to achieve a twofold objective; first, to streamline the check-in process by verifying the pre-exam environment meets standards; and second, to enhance security via continuous monitoring of the exam room for up to 20 prohibited and/or allowed items. If a restricted item is found, the engine immediately notifies a human proctor with a screenshot of the item, timestamp, and percent confidence that a violation has occurred.

“Vaital’s mission is to transform problems into profitable outcomes,” said Margo Day, former Microsoft Vice President of Education[AY3] [DY4] , and founding member of Vaital’s Board of Directors. “Vaital Vision is the result of bringing together world class AI technologists with education assessment experts to solve one of the big problems the education industry faces – ensuring on-line proctored exams are equally credible as in-person proctored exams. Vaital has solved previously unsolvable problems across multiple industries globally for a number of the top 10 Azure customers, processing over 12 billion data points in the first quarter of this year alone. We’re thrilled to be bringing Vaital Vision to the education assessment market.”

Vaital Vision was developed as part of a 24-month incubation, collaborating with the industry’s leading exam delivery providers and exam sponsors. Vaital’s lead engineers are the same computer vision team that built SwissID, trusted by millions of people for secure mobile access to Swiss Bank accounts. Vaital has signed innovation agreements with industry leaders under NDA.

“Astonishingly, it costs more today to deliver an online exam than an in-person test,” Yunger adds. “We’ve built Vaital Vision on three pillars which we believe are fundamental game-changers; first, focus world-leading computer vision talent to solve the industry’s biggest pain point – cost; second, intentionally build for inclusion by proactively training AI on underrepresented communities; and third, empower humans – not machines – to make accurate, fast decisions at scale.”


Vaital is a global software innovation firm dedicated to transforming hyper-challenging problems into intellectual property. Vaital leverages data and AI to grow their clients’ revenue and profitability at speed and scale. The Vaital engineering team has nearly a century of collective computer vision and predictive analytics expertise. Learn more at

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